Grooming & Abuse

A lot of young people don’t realise they are being groomed until it is too late.


  • If you are worried about a relationship you or a friend / family member are currently in, you can talk to us or check out This Is Abuse. Our service is strictly confidential, although we may need to pass information on to certain agencies who will help us ensure that you are kept safe from harm. Don't worry, we will always tell you if we do.
  • Some young people may fall victim to what is called ’grooming’, where someone builds an emotional connection with you to build your trust for the purpose of abuse or exploitation. Grooming can happen online and in person and can happen by both genders of any age.
  • If you are worried, you can talk to someone at Child Line, or you can fill in the short form below so we can help, or call us on 020 8305 5007.
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